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Intactivist Information

-Separated at Birth from Men's Health magazine (TIPS!)

-The Case Against Circumcision by Dr. Fleiss (TIPS!)
-Four-page version saves on paper and ink
-Just the baby picture for use with two files below
-Six-page version without baby
-Four-page version without baby

-3x5 cards (TIPS!)
-Lucky Stiff! outlines benefits of being intact
-Robbed is targeted to women
-What's Wrong? is a general-purpose card
-Restoration has information from NORM
-Students is targeted to students
-Screaming may be useful as a flip-side

-Brochures (off-site) (TIPS!)
-Doctors Opposing Circumcision

-Bumper Stickers via US Mail (TIPS!)
-Lucky Stiff!
-Not Playing with a Full Dick


-Circumcision video (why hospitals won't let you watch)

-Circumcision Resource Center
-Jewish Circumcision
-Brit Milah / Bris Milah
-Circumcision Information Library
-Circumcision Information
-Foreskin Restoration
-Doctors Opposing Circumcision
-Mothering Magazine on circumcision
-Fathering Magazine on circumcision on circumcision
-Students for Genital Integrity
-TV episodes critical of circumcision

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