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Circumcision of an infant meets the legal definition of both sexual assault and child abuse.

A human rights violation, and torture, circumcision mutilates and scars the genitals of infants for life violating their 5th, 14th, 19th constitutional amendment rights, the Federal Prohibition on Genital Mutilation (1996), the basic human right to autonomy, self- determination, and the right to an intact body as outlined in Article 5.1 of the American Convention on Human Rights (1969) and article 1.1 of the International Convention of Human, Civil, and Political Rights (1966), the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 5 and the United Nations' Convention on the Rights of the Child Article 13, the right to refuse treatment, and the right to seek alternative treatment.

Within minutes, this non medical cosmetic surgery destroys: three feet of veins, arteries, capillaries, 240 feet of nerves, more than 20,000 nerve endings, normal sexual function, normal appearance, muscles, glands, epithelial tissue, immunological functions, protection of the internal structures, and in most cases all or part of the frenulum. Finally, what nature intended as an internal organ is artificially externalized to dry and toughen causing progressive loss to the remaining tissue throughout the victim's lifetime.

DFW NOCIRC is primarily for men and women living in and around Dallas Fort Worth Texas but open to all who wish to learn about and fight the damage caused by circumcision. People who wish to participate in activist networking to end circumcision as a group or on their own have an outlet here. Victims looking to deal with the mental + physical abuse along with their parents and or friends who wish to be supportive can find resources and an open forum for discussion. Men looking to restore their body to a more natural state using nonsurgical foreskin restoration techniques will also find this group helpful.

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Jews Against Circumcision

This group is for those of the Jewish community of the world who oppose circumcision, - a painful surgery performed on non-consenting male infants leading to everlasting physical and psychological consequences. The Jews who respectfully and justifiably disregard this ritual as a key element to being a Jew must come together and present their arguments against this tradition to the world. This surgery which causes sexual dysfunction is clearly not in the best interests of the child and sensible parents who wish good health to their children should not feel intimidated by their peers into allowing this surgery on their child.

This is a new group so please start posting your views immediately, please stay with it and please inform others you know who may or may not be willing to join this group and take part in active discussion.

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Jews Against Circ

We are Jewish people who have come to realize that the violent bris is a barbaric, primitive, a violation of human rights, and must be stopped. Jews will not listen to non-jews about this. We must work from the inside to stop this heinous practice.

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Stop Infant Circumcision Society

SICSOCIETY is the Stop Infant Circumcision Society. Our group works towards educating people about how circumcision is an outdated, unnecessary medical procedure and needs to be stopped. The AAP American Academy of Pediatrics on March 1st 1999, stated that they will no longer encourage parents to continue to circumcise their infant sons. Circumcision destroys over 80% of a male's sensivity. THIS NEEDS TO STOP... NOW.

Our 11th ANNUAL PROTEST AGAINST CIRCUMCISION on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol will take place beginning March 30th - April 4th. April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. We need to start by putting an end to this horror.

Congress passed a law that protects women in our country from Female Genital Mutilation (FGM = female circumcision) WHY doesn't this same law protect the infant male? Please read the material available and learn how and why circumcision needs to be stopped. Contact us for information... thanks.

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To put an end to MGM male genital mutilation.... also known as ......circumcision

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The Ashley Montagu Resolution To End The Genital Mutilation Of Children Worldwide: A Petition To The World Court, The Hague

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