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I am a laywoman educated about circumcision & the intact penis, and the mother of an intact 9 year old son. The reason I came to be involved in the anti-circumcision movement is mainly because of my son, Morgan. (Born 10/26/98) Before his arrival I never gave the issue of circumcision much thought, and I really did not know what it entailed. The internet has been my main source of education, and what I learned about circumcision appalled and outraged me. I felt that I needed to do more than sit back and quietly oppose it. So, I started getting involved in trying to educate people about the damage & harm circumcision causes.

I originally joined Mothers Against Circumcision (MAC), and subscribed to their mailing list. I found that I truly enjoyed being in contact with people who felt the same about circumcision. From MAC I discovered many other sites, including NOCIRC, who are all allied in the crusade to educate people about circumcision.

The human body, in all its splendor, is perfect just the way it is...

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